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A good read.  This message just hit me. I need some “defragmentation” process rightnow…

Read: Psalm 55:1-8

man prayEvery so often, my computer becomes sluggish.  Frequent use of certain programs and documents causes pieces of information to become scattered, requiring my computer to search for the pieces before I can use them.  To fix it, I need to run a program that retrieves the pieces and groups them together where they are easily accessible.  This process is called “defragmentation.”

Like my computer, my life gets fragmented.  One situation tugs on my emotions while I’m trying to concentrate on something else.  Demands from every direction bombard me.  I want to accomplish everything that needs to be done, but won’t start.  Soon I begin to feel weary and useless.

Recently I attended a retreat where one of the handouts included a prayer with words that expressed how I felt: “Lord, I am scattered, restless, and only half there.”

King David also went through such times (Ps55:2).  In prayer, David presented his needs to God morning, noon and evening, confident that he would be heard (v.17) Prayer can help to defragment our lives.  When we cast our cares on the Lord, He will show us what we need to do and what only He can do. – Julie Ackerman Link

O Lord, we bring our restless hearts to You in fervent prayer; now help us wait expectantly while resting in Your care – Sper

We need prayer the most when we have the least time to pray.

[Source: Our Daily Bread, 2 Feb 2013]