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Who cares?

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Live & Learn
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Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites are created to help us connect with our long time friends or with people whom we share the same interest in. But, it also make some of us (or is it just my friends?) feel like a celebrity.

Checking Twitter and Facebook is like reading a newspaper or watching television. Some might feel like they are on a reality tv show or something. Every single drama in their life, you will know, ’cause they freakin’ post it online! I’m not saying that I do not do this, but I filter! People don’t need to know that I am PMSing or that I bought this really sexy lingerie! TMI!!!!

Some things are meant to be kept private, especially your “dirty laundry”. If you do not want people to gossip about your life, then don’t twit your problems! Don’t give them something to talk about behind…

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