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In an event, I overheard a conversation of these 2 young ladies, giggling with a loud voices.

Girl 1: Oh, what a nice dress!

Girl 2: Thank you, girl! (With a proud smile and feeling so” fashionista to the nth level”)

Girl 1: So, who are you wearing? (Hmm…this girl is like asking question from people walking the red carpet in the Academy Awards, huh ;))

Girl 2: Flashing her big proud smile and said, it’s GEE-VEN-CHEE (she’s actually referring to Givenchy) and it’s very expensive!

TOINKS! I caught another guest who also heard the conversation almost burst into laughter.

Ok, not because you can afford that expensive designer’s dress, & wants to look fashionable, it’s not right to brag out loud in public, especially if you are not sure or familiar with the correct pronunciation of the brand. Remember, French is not our first language so please, next time try to get the correct pronunciation to avoid further embarrassment.

That incident drives me to come up with a short list below that can serve as guide to everyone. And these are some of the most Mispronounced Designer Labels by most Filipinos.

1. LOUIS VUITTON- LU-WEE/VITTON (not Luwis Vuweeton)
2. VERSACE- VER-SA-CHE (not Ver-says)
3. GIVENCHY- ZHI-VAN-SHI (not Gee-ven-chee)
4. YVES SAINT LAURENT- EEVS-SAN/LO-RAN (not Eeves/Saynt Lo-rent)
5. LACROIX- LA-KWAH (not La-croyks)
6. CHANEL- SHA-NEL (not Cha-nel)
7. BALMAIN- BAL-MAN (not Baymayn)
8. LOEWE- LO-WE-VE (not Low)
9. BRUNO MAGLI- BRU-NO/MA-LI (not Bruno/Mag-li)
10. LANVIN- LAN-VAN (not Lanvin)
11. CHOMEL- SHO-MEL (not Cho-mel)
12. COMME DES GARCONS- COM/DE/GAR-SON (not Ko-me/des/Garkons)
13. RALPH LAUREN- RALF/LO-REN (not Ralf/Lo-ran. He is American, not French)
15. PIERRE CARDIN- PIYER/CAR-DAN (not Piyer/Car-din)
16. DKNY- D-K-N-Y (not Di-ki-ni)

Hope this will help 🙂

[Note: Images used are random finds from the internet]