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This is truly a dreadful question feared by most 30+ singleton women. Question which also related to “Why you’re not yet married?”

First time I encountered this question years ago, I was caught off guard. I feel uncomfortable and annoyed. A lot of thoughts runs to my mind like, are they trying to insinuate that being single is a bad thing? What sort of answer do they expect to hear from me? OR why don’t they just mind their own business?” It’s like their asking how much I make for a living or how much I weigh. Question that I was not prepared to answer.  But because I don’t want to be rude and act defensively (besides I have nothing to defend!), I just smile confidently and try to change the topic right away.  I was not able to come up with a great answer back then.

And just as I’ve thought that I will encounter this annoying question again, from family and class reunion alike, or even from strangers, I decided to come up with various responses adding a dash of humor to it. Like… Why not? Is there a cut off age? Or, I’m Just lucky, I guess.  These also work; Oh, I’m fine. Thank you, the mail-order spouse I ordered hasn’t arrived yet and lastly, I’m waiting to end the mall’s inventory sale. Maybe they will have new stocks of nice men 😉

Adding some quirk and little sarcasm to your response can intrigue the person asking you. Let’s hope that he/she read between the lines.
If you have any comeback suggestions, please feel free to share 🙂

Well, I guess while we are still in this journey of singleness, let’s enjoy and recognize the freedom and independence that comes with it.  Not because we are single it means we have a lonely life. So chillax!