My Bucket List

“There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you do not do them.” – Charles D. Gill

Above all things, I give glory to God. We were made with a purpose and to enjoy His creation. God gives rewards to the faithful.

My bucket list brings a lot of challenges and a lot of joys to my life. I feel rewarded when I accomplished something on my list and I look forward for more accomplishments along this majestic years to come.

I’ll be updating this page regularly and might also to add new items to it as time passes, opportunities surface, and I learn new things.

  • To visit different landmarks in 7 continents
  • Road trip to Bicolandia with friends
  • Share at least (1) God’s message every week from the day I started this blog
  • Learn pole dancing
  • Experience trail biking
  • Experience real snow. Played on it and tried sledding in Kuthai Ski resort in Austria
  • Try wake boarding
  • Learn snow skiing
  • Learn scuba diving
  • Try at least one (1) extreme sport. Survived the harness and hydro zorb ride (20 meters high and 130 meters long for 10 seconds) and Zipline experience in Boracay Island
  • Learn other language/s. Learnt basic French while studying Hotel and Restaurant and Studied basic German in Goethe Institut. But still want to learn basic Japanese or Korean
  • Ride on an elephant in Thailand, camel in the desert and donkey in Mexico or Santorini
  •  Have a photo carrying a koala bear
  • Ride in the hot air balloon
  •  Celebrate my birthday in Disneyland
  • Participate in Brazil’s carnival
  • Have my own family
  • Have my dream house (with walk-in closet, high ceiling, wide windows,    spacious kitchen, nice garden, bathroom with rain shower head and a bathtub)
  •  Own an SUV
  • Get inked. I want to have a bible verse in alibata on my back or forearm
  • Get entirely out of debt
  • Visit historical places mentioned in the bible
  •  Travel around Europe via train (at least 10 countries)
  •  Have photo with US President (past or present) or any of the British Royal Family
  • Have a conversation with International celebrity
  • Ride in a gondola in Venice
  • Be on the top of Empire Estate Building in New York and shout “I’m on top of the world”
  • Travel solo in a foreign country
  • Donate blood. I’m a blood donor in National Kidney and Transplant Institute
  • Attend an event in Olympic or world cup finals
  • Stomping grapes to make wine in France
  • Be on TV commercial. I became part of a fast food TVC as one of the diners
  • Experience Mediterranean cruise
  • Have an outdoor wedding (garden or beach as venue)
  • Experience Safari tour in Africa
  • To run for a cause. I ran 5k for NatGeo (Earth day run)
  • Be part of a humanitarian trip
  • Volunteer in Church. I became a Sunday school teacher and now the Multimedia head
  • Have my own business
  • Spend the night in medieval castle in Europe
  •  To have a wedding proposal in a creative way
  • Ride in a helicopter
  • Be a foster parent. I foster parent to two (2) Korean kids for 3 days who were on mission trip to the Philippines.
  • Treat my parents for a vacation overseas
  • Dance tango with my man on our wedding day
  •  Celebrate my birthday with the kids in a hospice
  • Contemplate and meditate in Prayer Mountain. Stayed overnight in Touch of Glory Prayer Mountain with my 2 friends
  •  To own a Chanel luggage set
  •  To have an oval shaped diamond engagement ring in white gold (custom made would be nice!)
  • Experience milking the cow
  • Explore the whole Philippines (some places I’ve never been yet)

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