The Wayfarer

It’s a chronicle of my journey in life – things I’m interested in, experiences and stuff I’ve learned along the way which I want to share and hope the readers will find them inspiring and informative somehow 🙂


12 Random Things about Me:

1. I’m a Filipina.

2. I have a mole on my foot. The old folks used to believe that if you have mole on foot, you are someone who loves to stroll or travel a lot.

3. It’s a struggle for me to use a can opener and scissor being a left handed.

4. I believe in God, and very thankful that I do. He’s my source of strength.

5. I’m a night person. Sunrise comes as an unpleasant surprise at times. I feel that I do my best work during late afternoon.

6. Whenever I visit a new place, I always make sure to have a souvenir. It might be a shirt, a magnet or anything that will reminds me about that place and yes, it can even be hotel’s toiletries. 😉

7. As much as possible, I love to explore when I travel using the 5 senses; Sight- to admire the surrounding, Taste- for trying their food (except exotic animals), Touch- to feel the soil, sand, or wall, etc, Smell- because every surrounding has a distinctive scent, and through Hearing- listen to people how they talk (diff language/dialect with diff intonations fascinates me). You might think I’m weird, but try and check it out. It will make your travel more exciting.

8. It annoys me to see some people throwing out their trash everywhere.

9. I attended Sunday school as a kid but I never thought (not even in my wildest dream) that I’ll be a Sunday school teacher in my adult life. Well I’m happy & proud to be one now anyway!

10. Whenever I have the time, I indulge in self pampering by going to spa.

11. I had many loose ends in the past, but I thank God for teaching me to be more patient, wise and learn to forgive in order for me move on. It makes me a better person now. Learning to forgive takes practice 🙂

12. I am not a professional writer and I do not claim to be one. You may encounter some bad grammar and long run-on sentences along the way so please bear with me.

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