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god provides

Read: 1 John 2:24-3:3

While enjoying the arrival of a new great-niece, I was reminded of how much work it is to take care of  a new born baby.  They are needy little creations who want feeding, changing, holding, feeding, changing, holding, feeding, changing, holding.  Totally unable to care for themselves, they depend on those older and wiser people surrounding them.

We’re dependent children too- reliant on our Father in heaven.  What do we need from Him that we can’t provide for ourselves? “In Him we live and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28).  He supplies our very breath. He also meets our needs “according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” (Phil. 4:19).

We need our Father for peace in our troubles (John 16:33), love (1 John 3:1), and help in time of need (Ps. 46:1; Heb 4:16), He gives victory in temptation (1 Cor 10:13), forgiveness (1 John 1:9), purpose (Jer. 29:11), and eternal life (John 10:28). Without Him, we “can do nothing” (John 15:5).  And from Him, we have all received one blessing after another” (John 1:16 NIV).

Let’s not think of ourselves as totally independent- because we’re not.  The Lord sustains us day by day.  In many ways, we’re as needy as a newborn baby. – Anne Cetas

We are dependent on the Lord who showers us with blessing: He gives us everything we need- Without Him we are nothing- Sper

Depending on God isn’t weakness; it’s acknowledging His strength.

[Source: Our Daily Bread, 23 May 2013]